Korean Mealkit Specialist Damdda Fresh Enters Malaysia

On the 2nd of the month, Kim Jinwook, CEO of Damdda Fresh Co. Ltd. a manufacturer that specializes in meal kits, and Dato’ Colin Tan, CEO of Hatten Group, signed an MOU and a distribution contract for meal kits at Damdda Fresh’s conference room in Yeongcheon-si. The agreement includes the establishment of overseas factories and a step-by-step process for setting up a local joint venture in Malaysia to promote a joint marketing business partnership infrastructure and increase meal kit sales.

Damdda Fresh obtained meal kit HACCP certification in December last year, well ahead of full-scale export. CEO Kim Jinwook plans to actively export meal kits to Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States and develop global markets based on the agreement with Malaysia.

Damdda Fresh opened its first unmanned store specializing in meal kits in Daegu Gyeongbuk in May 12 and expanded to over 2,021 branches nationwide in the shortest possible time. From this year, they acquired the à la carte Jangsumi Station and Myeonggadaeho pork soup rice brands and plan to expand to more than 5 stores nationwide by 1 based in Seoul’s Gangnam district.